The East African Youth Network - Update

It has been a rather busy year for the East African Youth Network (EAYN) especially in as far as continuing to strengthen the capacity of the network to hold fort as the regional youth voice into the EAC integration processes. Negotiations on Uganda Youth Network (UYONET) hosting the EAYN after Africa Youth Trust are currently ongoing and the discussions among the East African Community membership, Africa Youth Trust and GIZ are positive so far.

This is an opportunity for UYONET to hold fort as both Chair and host of the EAYN. UYONET becomes the pinnacle for youth engagement in the region in regards to EAC processes, working directly with GIZ EAC Office as well as the EAC Secretariat itself in as far as fostering youth participation and inclusion across board. It also means that UYONET shall host the EAYN Coordinator - Magdalene Wanjugu (who is currently Deputy Executive Director of Africa Youth Trust) until her term expires as coordinator so as to gradually mentor UYONET to take on coordination role. by Munirah