Governance Structure



i) General Assembly;

The General Assembly is the main governing arm of the organization, and it is composed of the members who have accomplished the organization requirements including membership and subscription fees. They convene at least once a year to review the annual organization’s business. The main purpose of the General Assembly is the nomination of the Executive Board.

ii) Executive Board;

The Executive Board also referred to as the “Executive” is comprised of a maximum of five members elected and or approved by the Executive Board. The Executive has two primary responsibilities, confirming the organization’s policies and general functioning including resource mobilization and oversight of the secretariat. Additionally, the Executive elects three eminent persons to sit on the Board of Trustees.

iii) Board of Trustees;

The Board of Trustees is comprised of three (3) eminent persons of high proven character.

Board of Trustees oversee the high level decision making of the organization. The Board of Trustees is the legal custodian of YASI and has trusteeship over all organization assets and activities intended to achieve the organization objectives and goals.  The Board is the final arbiter in cases of crisis or conflict within the organization/ or amongst organization members.

iv) The Two Executive Committees;

There are two committees i.e. Finance and Welfare committee, and Technical committee.

  • The Finance and Welfare committee is headed by the Finance Secretary-Executive and concerned with the development of financial policies and procedures Mannuals. This committee advises the Executive on matters pertaining organization finance and welfare, as well as monitoring and supervising the utilization of resources.
  • The Technical committee is headed by the Vice Chairperson, and it ensures programmes’ design and implementation. It advises the Executive board on technical matters, as well as monitoring and supervising programmes and projects.              

v) The Secretariat;

YASI secretariat is established with both full-time and part-time qualified staff to handle the day today operations. Volunteers and Interns are equally considered from time to time. It’s a youth -friendly-walk in centre that offers; One on one assistance and support, Referrals, Meeting place, trainings and access to reference materials and ICT.