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We work in collaboration with with member clubs , partner organisations and a diverse of stakeholders. We work with five (5) member clubs and partner organisations including Mercycorps, Uganda Youth Network, Be... Read More
We do career guidance and counselling to young people in schools , professionals and those out of school.
Our Team Set for Organisational work at our Secretariat, Kagoma-Bombo Road-Wakiso District
H.E .Gen. Dr. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni-the President of the Republic of Uganda while inspecting our work at Budibugyo [Rwenzori sub-region ] during the International Youth Day Celebrations-2017.
It has been a rather busy year for the East African Youth Network (EAYN) especially in as far as continuing to strengthen the capacity of the network to hold fort as the regional youth voice into the EAC integr... Read More

Program Focus Areas

YASI believes that within any community there is a wealth of knowledge, talents, and experience which, if creatively applied, can be channeled into collective action to improve the communities' livelihoods and freedom. YASI intends to pursue good community building through provision of high quality instruction and support services that help people to recognize and develop their ability, potential and organize themselves to respond to problems and needs which they share. By working closely with the communities, YASI has established mutually beneficial relationships with both pu... Read More
Economic empowerment is on YASI agenda to help young people to raise incomes and standards of living to redress the inequalities within the Ugandan society where the majority youth are poor. This program includes skills development and talent promotion, management and socio-economic development. It is a comprehensive program that shall include; Apprenticeship, virtue enterprise for acquisition of the required experience and mobilization of financial and logistical support for business starters. Having recognized the centre stage role of economy in boosting growth and developme... Read More
Considering good governance as a very important aspect  in attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals, and the fact that Uganda is in the transition as far as critical governance issues are concerned,  YASI has mobilized stakeholders including young people to actively participate in the democratization processes of Uganda  at all governance levels as well as providing civic competence to local government units on the modern participatory and consultative leadership model that allows the people to actively take part in issues that affect their lives, areas and country as a... Read More
Realizing that capacity building significantly impacts on  organization’s  contribution to development , YASI chose to work upon her internal development and activities  that enhance and strengthen the knowledge, skills, competencies, abilities, behaviour of the organization human resources, as well as providing the necessary facilities, conditions and improving structures and processes required for staff to engage in the process of learning and adapting to change in the interest of realizing the goals in the measurable and sustainable ways. Adequate capacity building will pla... Read More