Main Strategies

Raising Financial Resources

Raising Financial Resources through stake holders` Philanthropy/ Donations, Income generating projects, membership and subscriptions, fundraising among others: YASI expects to raise additional capital from investment ventures and other viable means to facilitate the implementation of the planned programs.

Strengthen human resources function and Volunteerism

Appointment of advisers and granting Membership & Associate Membership to distinguished persons for intellectual property and finance. Staff get recruited, developed and motivated. A program to support volunteerism through screening, training and ongoing supervision is in place. The program equally recognizes volunteer efforts. Volunteerism may increase fundraising as well as giving volunteers a platform to show case their skills, knowledge, talents and potential. Internship Opportunities are given to students.

Lobby and Advocacy

Lobbying stakeholders to address the concerns of young people. Advocate for youth consideration and participation in all developmental aspects. Analyzing existing policies and laws to address loopholes with drafts of alternative ones that are all inclusive, respect human rights, equality, justice, and democracy for peace and sustainable development among others.

Involving Key Stakeholders

Key stakeholders including government, private sector, community and development partners among others are to continually be involved through both formal and informal meetings to discuss new aspects and plan for community development. It is on YASI agenda to get the community involved and informed on what is going on so that both the public and private sectors can be involved in programming processes.

Net working and pursuing strategic alliances

YASI shall continue to share best practices , experiences, and or establish good working relationships with complementary players who may include development partners, private sector, government and community: YASI information system feeds these stakeholders with programs’ and activities’ up-dates at the secretariat and in the same way get information about such entities or individuals. YASI communication system that includes  established email addresses i.e. / ,  a website on  , facebook as Youth After School Initiative  and telephone communication on Tel:  +256- 414 383503 / +256-755 964024 / +256 712 964024 shall enhance cooperation with other organizations and or institutions. There is need however for strengthening web presence.

Youth Participation

Youth actively participate in all programs and in the decision making processes at all levels: For instance, young people constitute a bigger proportion on the Executive committee and form part of the Board of Trustees; they serve as staff at the secretariat, and they are involved in projects’ implementation from time to time.

Creation of sustainable community-based structures and Clubs

YASI Main stream body shall continue to establish local, national and international sustainable community-based structures such as clubs to continue her developmental initiatives that aim at improving living conditions of the community members.

Capacity Building

This involves equipping the Executive and  secretariat staff with the necessary skills and providing enabling facilities, conditions and processes for efficiency and effectiveness in performance of tasks. It is under Capacity building that attempts of organizational development have been furthered through monitoring and evaluation, where YASI has held weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings to review progress in programs` implementation and plan for further action: Members of the Executive Committee meet quarterly to review institutional progress. The Board of Trustees meet atleast once a year to check on the Executive work. In a year, YASI holds 48 weekly, 12 monthly, four quarterly and two half year review and planning meetings in which review reports are prepared, discussed and approved. This results into effective program planning and co-ordination, as well as reporting that updates YASI Secretariat, Executive, the Board and other stakeholders on performance and progress of programs. Review meetings are equally fora through which stakeholders` input into the over all YASI strategies are realized.

Expanding and managing a tangible youth friendly walk in centre:

The YASI friendly walk in centre provides young people with facilities for their initiatives. It serves as a centre for capacity building through training, centre for workshops, mentoring and providing one on one assistance; a place for referrals to other appropriate agencies; a meeting place; providing access to reference materials and  computers.